Introducing a fresh new approach to the freedom years

At Aura Care Living, we are driven by our passion to fundamentally change later-life living, while setting new standards of excellence. Age is no barrier in creating an exceptional, yet wonderfully fulfilling life that is enveloped in passion and purpose. 

Our aim is not only to improve, but also to redefine, what is understood as elderly care. 

Using a combination of the latest research, expert experience and our own significant sector knowledge, we have developed a framework that will make a outstanding difference to the quality of life enjoyed by the Residents within our neighbourhoods. 

In an Aura Care Living environment, your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. It means that you can live your life exactly the way you want to, supported in every way by caring staff, as and when you need them.

See what we can offer you by exploring one of our brand new developments:

The Aura Care Living Pillars

By using models such as The Sense Framework and The Stirling Approach, Aura Care Living has created 8 key pillars, that serve as the foundation of our care philosophy. These pillars represent our promise and commitment to anyone living within our villages. We believe that this approach is an innovation within the care sector. 

Aura Well-being

Aura Care Living ensure that emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing is at the heart of our commitment, taking into account personal and cultural preferences to create an active lifestyle and support healthy ageing.

In addition to our highly trained Aura team, we provide a programme of informative health care advice. All delivered by specialist health care professionals that will be available to both our residents and their families, to inform and support individual health care needs and maintain an optimum healthy lifestyle.

Conventional therapists such as Physiotherapists, Dieticians and Occupational Therapists will be accessible, together with alternative therapies such as Reiki, Massage and Aromatherapy.

Our team will be kept fully up-to-date with individual’s changing needs, so that they are able to offer the optimum level of bespoke care whether it be dietary, medical or physiotherapy. The result is a completely holistic approach to all requirements for well-being.

At a spiritual level, there's access to religious services, both within Aura Care Homes, as well as externally in the local community, regardless of faith or denomination.

Aura Health

Exceptional care is all about the exceptional people who deliver that high-quality care. At Aura Care Living, our team members are all committed to excellence and are highly-trained and fully employed. Whenever necessary, our Aura Care Team is able to refer a Resident to the appropriate doctor or healthcare professional.

It’s our extensive care knowledge that allows our team to advise and support each Resident with any health issue, be it physical or emotional, to ensure that the proper care is given at the right time by the appropriate specialist.

We work very closely with our local GP surgeries helping residents to register, attend appointments and access the best care available locally. In addition, we offer an option of on-site private medical consultation within Kings Lodge.

Our promise is to formulate an individualised plan of care that reflects an individual’s highly personal needs and wishes to ensure that this truly represents person-centred care at its very best.

Aura Companionship

Later life often brings opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, adding to a rich circle of established family and friendships. 

At Aura Care Living, we strongly believe that meeting like-minded people is an exciting part of our new community, as is the opportunity to continue with hobbies you love or perhaps even to try something new. 

Our extensive programme of activities encourages new friendships to grow through shared pleasures, such as, music lessons, dancing events, keep fit classes, flower arranging, informative talks from outside speakers, coffee mornings and regular social events, not to mention excursions to suit everyone’s passions. 

Our Aura team is on hand to help form new groups and clubs to inspire new friendships, whilst revitalising established friendships through invitations to special events, lunch or afternoon tea.

Aura Produce

Nothing is more rewarding than being part of the sowing, growing and harvesting cycle, so at Aura Care Living, we are creating a “working” garden with a small holding that we want everyone to be involved in, if they want to be.

Our vegetable allotment includes our greenhouse, fruit area, herb garden and vibrant flowerbeds to reflect the changing seasons. We forgot to mention there will be an aviary with lovebirds and chickens.

Whatever your passion may be, there will certainly be something to do. For example:

  • Growing and harvesting of produce.
  • Preparation of foodstuffs, such as jams and chutneys.
  • Tending the chickens, and collection of eggs.
  • Tending the flowerbeds and to collecting flowers for various floral arrangements.
  • Selling of produce grown or made.
  • Displaying of produce at local shows.

At Aura Care Living, we will also be operating crafts workshops, such as, knitting, sewing and crocheting, together with artistic pursuits including painting, designing etc.

Aura Lifestyle

One pioneering initiative at Aura Care Living is our Aura Lifeport, a beautiful life-map that showcases an individual’s life so far. It’s similar to a video or Lifebook that celebrates the family and friends, the people and places, the passions and hobbies that have created the most memorable moments thus far. The Aura Lifeport also acts as a powerful blueprint for the exciting celebrations and milestones that are to come in the exciting chapters ahead.

From this wonderful life passport, we can create a programme of activities with links to other clubs and communities. All of these activities reflect the individual’s passions, and pastimes with the focus on purpose, which is an essential part of life at Aura Care Living.

Aura Technology

At Aura Care Living, we are harnessing the most up-to-date technology for both clinical documentation and social communication, in order to deliver the highest quality of care and connectivity.

Electronic systems are being utilised to order and administer our medication with programmed alerts to ensure the safe administration of all medications. Our care documentation is electronically based to ensure accuracy, legibility and efficient updating of essential documentation. These systems are designed to enable our Residents to receive personalised, planned care effectively.

Aura Society

At Aura Care Living, we feel that it is essential that everyone who lives in our community has a “voice” and subsequent involvement in the day-to-day decisions, can effect everyday life.

By harnessing the skills and passions of those who are part of our community, we plan to create, encourage and support an Aura Council that will form an integral part of the day-to-day decision-making within our environment – even down to being part of the selection team involved in the interview process for new staff.

This Aura Council will be a bedrock of our Aura Society, a forum to discuss and develop areas within our environment that are seen as key to all of our residents.

Aura Dignity

At Aura Care Living, we will ensure that in everything that we do, dignity, respect and privacy is observed without compromise.

Our Aura team will give the assurance that Residents are addressed in the manner that they prefer, while each team member will engage with their Residents in a professional and dignified manner at all times.

We will strive to listen to and act on each Resident’s views and wishes, so that each decision a Resident makes is fully honoured and respected by the team.

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