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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As we are sure you will have lots of questions, Aura Care Living has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which we have detailed in the following sections:

What will happen if my needs increase and I require more support?

A staff member will complete a full clinical assessment of needs and discuss with you the extra support that you will require and any extra costs that this may incur. We anticipate that we will be able to manage increased needs and not indicate that an alternative Care facility would be more appropriate.

Are there any Community or Service charges to incur?

No. There is no introduction fee, Service charges or Community fees to pay as an extra. The weekly fee is inclusive of these costs.

How many visitors are you allowed as a resident at any one time?

There is no maximum numbers, but if you were expecting a large party, then we would recommend that you speak to a member of staff so that a private area can be booked so that you can enjoy this occasion.

What are the visiting hours?

There are no formal visiting hours and family and friends can visit freely. We do ask that if you will be receiving visitors between the hours of 22.00-07.00 that they alert staff within the building to their presence and are always considerate to other Residents within the building.

Is there visitor car parking?

Yes there will be provision for visitors parking. Although we envisage that parking will be adequate for our Residents and their visitors, there may be times when there is an increase in vehicles on site such as Summer BBQs or any other Social Occasion. There is no restrictions on parking in the road outside the Home.

What security will there be in place to ensure my safety?

The site will be covered by CCTV and the front gate will be locked when darkness falls. All exterior doors will have a keypad attached to prevent any unauthorised access to the building. Staff on shift in the building will be carrying out security checks to ensure the building is secure.

Is there transport into the local town or places of interest?

There will be a luxury saloon to transport Residents to and from places around Camberley, with scheduled times throughout the day. There will be reduced service during the weekend. If you require to travel to town or points of interest at other times then we will be able to arrange a taxi for you and you will incur the cost of travel.

Will there be a mobile shop?

Yes, we will be providing a mobile shop with a selection of supplies but we would still encourage you to keep your independence and visit the local shops.

Can I bring any of my furniture?

Of course you are able to bring in your own furniture, ornaments, and pictures to decorate your room as you like. Staff may have to discuss this with you if it poses any Health and Safety risk such as limiting access or movement of staff around your room, furniture not meeting Fire Regulations. Our Maintenance team will assist you in moving your property into your room and with hanging any pictures etc.

What type of bed linen will be provided in the Home?

It will all be cotton linen that meets with Fire Regulations.

What type of mattresses will be provided with the beds?

There will be ordinary divan mattresses but also pressure relieving mattresses will be available, should the risk be assessed.

Is there fiber broadband in my room?


Will the Wi-Fi be free for me and my guests?


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