Activities Curator Vacancy

Job summary 

The post holder will be responsible for planning and organising activities for all residents in the Home, at various times during the day. There will be times when additional hours may be required in order to facilitate outings and events, in the main the normal working hours will change to accommodate this; however a flexible approach will be adopted in order that residents receive the greatest advantage.  

The post holder will not be expected to deliver physical care to our residents, however, at times help may be needed during very busy times e.g. Mealtimes.

Aura Care Living place a huge emphasis on social and meaningful activity to its residents. We see this as an element of care. Our activity curators are employed on the basis that we have an ever changing schedule of activity, entertainment and enable residents to feel they have a sense of purpose. Curators at Aura Care Living will also facilitate celebrations for residents as well as a “work” Rota, in the form of job boards that residents can choose from on a day to day basis.

Curators will also be expected to drive (always in an appropriate and orderly fashion) our carts around the nature path. This is an important role and a “star” attraction for our residents. Full training will be provided.

The post holder will also be responsible for the organisation of fund raising but will not be directly responsible for handling any monies.  The post holder will also set charging targets for outdoor activities and outings to ensure the basic costs are covered, and residents are making a small contribution towards the transportation to events.  


The Curator will offer a mixture of both group and individual activity throughout the home. They will work with the other curators at times and between them create a dynamic and interesting set of activities that move away from the “norm” in terms of residential and nursing setting.

Maintain good communication levels with Manager, Senior Care Assistants, Chef and relatives to ensure smooth operation of role and high levels of co-operation.  Support all areas of team working within the home, to the extent that the role remains an integral element of the daily routines.

Complete records where required to a satisfactory standard. Agree the type and quantity of record keeping with the manager on a monthly basis. Within Aura Care Living, this is all kept in a digital format to make the process streamlined and effective.

Ensure the individual rights of residents and staff are safeguarded in accordance with the Home’s philosophy of care by being aware of the working practices and activities being actioned.

Maintain client, staff and business confidentiality at all times. This is inclusive of social media.

General responsibility 

Maintain an awareness of the Health and Safety requirements. 

Work individually and within the team to provide the necessary back up for all staff, to a standard commensurate with aims and objectives of the Home and in consideration of its residents.

Observe and maintain high levels of communication within the teams of staff, individual colleagues and residents. 

Maintain client and business confidentiality at all times.

Carry out any additional duties as requested.

Undertake any additional training and development programmes the Home may consider appropriate to enhance your contribution to the work at this home.

Review on a regular basis the job description for your post and to agree any changes.

Policies and Procedures

To be up to date on, and follow, the relevant procedures contained in the Home’s Policies and Procedures file as they affect your job and its responsibilities.

Equal Opportunities

Aura Care Living is a company which consistently and positively celebrates differences that we have as people. This Home, in its policy and training, describes what we can expect of each other in our conduct. In your job, we expect you to make the fair treatment of colleagues and of those whom we serve a priority.


Be accountable to your Manager for all areas of your duties and responsibilities. This accountability will be expressed through:

Regular one to one supervisions and team meetings with the Manager and other members of the team.

An annual appraisal meeting at which personal targets will be set and monitored.

Tasks and responsibilities within your area of capability may vary occasionally depending upon the needs of the business. You may be asked to undertake a variation of your normal routine to meet these needs. Your enthusiasm and flexibility will be appreciated.