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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As we are sure you will have lots of questions, Aura Care Living has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which we have detailed in the following sections:

All you need to know

At Stratton Court we provide as much information as possible to assist you in making your decision when purchasing one of our Luxury Aura Apartments. In this document we list as many questions and answers as possible to give you the full picture. However if there are any questions not covered in this document, please do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable village advisors to assist you. The rest of your wonderful life starts right here when you step into an Aura Care Village and experience a new way of being and meet new friends and an extended family to share the magic with. Enjoy a place that has been created to inspire and delight you, with a team of people committed to supporting all of your needs and wishes. Our Concierge,who works hand in hand with our family curator, is on hand to help you do all of the things that you love or have always wanted to do. Let the fun begin. A place where the freedom of your youth, the purpose of your working life and the love and care of a growing family exists as one.


Aura Care Construct is the construction company building Stratton Court Village.Aura Design Collective is the architect-led design company, which is designing the village.

Which accreditations apply to Aura Care Construct?

ACC is a respected NHBC registered construction company. The apartments will be registered with NHBC Buildmark on completion of the development.

What benefit is a Buildmark?

Buildmark is specially designed for newly built, converted or renovated homes and is awarded by the National House Building Council. It provides varying levels of protection for the first owner and subsequent owners too.

Is Aura Care Living registered with ARCO?

Yes; registration is underway.

What are the benefits of being registered with ARCO?

Peace of mind for any purchaser, that AURA is a member of a regulated body and, as such, is accountable and trusted.

Design & Specification

Which type of kitchen units are available?

There are two options available: contemporary glossy lacquered or traditional shaker-style kitchens.

Will the patio areas to Ground Floor apartments be fenced to provide privacy?

The grounds are maintained by the management company and, as such, there will be no fencing between patios.

Is Stratton Court Village a gated community?

Yes. The gates will open automatically during the day. However, between the hours of 8pm and 7am the gates will be secured. Residents will be given 2 remote control devices for village access.

How many parking spaces are available?

There are 50 in total allocated as follows:

  • 31 undercover 2 of which are visitor and 3 are blue badge parking
  • 2 dedicated staff spaces
  • 8 along entrance road
  • 9 within parking bays around the site

Please note: Each apartment has 1 parking space available on request at a nominal annual charge.

Are there loft spaces?

Due to the design of the roof, loft spaces are not available.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the patios and balconies?

Aura Care Living is responsible for maintaining the patios. Balconies, however, are the responsibility of the residents. All we ask is that patios and balconies are maintained in keeping with the ambience of the overall village.

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