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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As we are sure you will have lots of questions, Stratton Court Apartments Ltd has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which we have detailed in the following sections:

All you need to know

At Stratton Court we provide as much information as possible to assist you in making your decision when purchasing one of our luxury Aura apartments. In this document we list as many questions and answers as possible to give you the full picture. However if there are any questions not covered in this document, please do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable village advisors to assist you.The rest of your wonderful life starts right here when you step into an Aura Care Village and experience a new way of being and meet new friends and an extended family to share the magic with. Enjoy a place that has been created to inspire and delight you, with a team of people committed to supporting all of your needs and wishes. Our concierge, who works hand in hand with our family curator, is here to help you do all of the things that you love or have always wanted to do. Let the fun begin.A place where the freedom of your youth, the purpose of your working life and the love and care of a growing family exists as one.


Aura Care Construct is the construction company building Stratton Court Village. Aura Design Collective is the architect-led design company, which is designing the village.

Which accreditations apply to Aura Care Construct?

ACC is a respected NHBC registered construction company. The apartments will be registered with NHBC Buildmark on completion of the development.

What benefit is a Buildmark?

Buildmark is specially designed for newly built, converted or renovated homes and is awarded by the National House Building Council. It provides varying levels of protection for the first owner and subsequent owners too.

Typical examples of Buildmark protection are:

• From exchange of contracts up to the completion date, your deposit is protected if, for example,the builder becomes insolvent.

• Building work completed and from ‘move in’ status during the builder warranty period (first 2 years)is when the Builder must put right anything covered by Buildmark that is not built to the NHBC requirements. If they do not, NHBC will do it on their behalf.

• After the builder warranty period, your home is protected against specified structural problems. You may have extra cover, if certain Building Regulations have not been met and for land contamination.

What qualifications/awards do our teams have in construction and design?

Aura Design Collective are RIBA members and qualified architects. Our lead architect has been awarded two Pinders Care Home awards.

What is the insulation between the walls?

The walls between the Units are constructed to comply with NHBC guidelines for party walls. These are constructed of solid concrete blocks with an insulated cavity between the walls.
Therefore between each unit there is 100mm of solid concrete blockwork – 50mm insulation – 100mm solid concrete blockwork.

Are any of the light switches to the bathroom and bedroom illuminated?

There will be one illuminated light switch per apartment.

Is it gas or electric central heating and are radiator covers included?

Gas heating is standard; however, radiator covers are not included. Each radiator will have a TRVand there will be a thermostat for each apartment.

Will all apartments share the same gas/electricity services?

There is a communal heating system via a communal boiler. Gas and electricity are individually- metered and billed, via the management company.

Will there be free Wi-Fi in all the communal areas?


Will the plug sockets be installed higher for elderly people?

Yes – 450mm from finished floor level.

Will Sky TV sockets be accessible in the lounge and bedrooms?

Yes – via the brush plate.

Can residents store bikes and electric buggies?

Yes – there is a bike store and an electric buggy store.

What’s the maximum height vehicle that can access the underground carpark?


Will grab rails be provided in bathrooms?

One vertical grab rail will be included per apartment bathroom.

Will all kitchen appliances be provided as part of the purchase price?

All kitchen white good appliances are included.

Financing and purchasing

Who has Stratton Court Apartments Ltd nominated as their solicitor?

We are happy to nominate Sharon Higgs of Charles Russell Speechlys, London.

What is the deposit value?

£2,000 refundable deposit, subject to any legal fees being incurred.

How long does the reservation deposit secure an apartment for?

There will be a six-week exchange period for every reservation.

Which extras should be allowed for?

Parking, Ground Rent, Service Charge, Deferred Membership Fee (DMF).

What is the ground rent charge?

The annual cost of the Ground Rent at Stratton Court is £505 per annum.

What is the cost of parking spaces?

£250 per annum charge for the 1st space.

What is the Event fee (Deferred Membership Fee (DMF)) and what are the levels?

The Event Fee (DMF) is applicable to cover major works and is applied at sale at the following levels: Year 1 – 10%, Year 2 – 10%, Year 3 – 10%, Year 4 – 15%, Year 5 – 15% (capped). (Refer to Aura’s Event Fee (DMF) brochure).

What documentation is available for the Buildings insurance?

Full schedule of insurances will be provided on completion.

Which bills are included?

Water bills are included in your service charge. Gas and electric are not included and will be billed accordingly, as previously mentioned.

 Are rates and taxes included?


Which categories of care apply at Stratton Court?

Regulated activities: assessment and diagnostics, personal care, residential care. Service User bands are dementia, elderly and nursing.

Is there a 24 hour call response?

Yes, and this is all standard as part of the basic service charge.

Who will respond to the 24 hour Emergency Monitoring Service?

The 24/7 call system is managed in-house and will go straight through to a member of the on-site team.

That team member, depending on the nature of the call will then either visit or make a clinical judgement on whether or not an external call needs to be made (eg. GP or 999). All calls are logged.

Who is the provider of the domiciliary care?

Stratton Court Village works with local partners.

Stratton Court Village works with local partners.

Domestic/laundry services, companionship or shopping are included in the service charge, based on 1 hour per month for each apartment. If extra hours are needed, these can be arranged at an extra cost.

Facilities and events

What provision is there for transport at Stratton Court?

We have a complimentary shuttle service that will run three mornings a week. Additional services may be arranged at a charge.

Is there a regular bus service to Cirencester?

From Stratton Court Bus No. 852 to Cirencester runs every 1.45 hours.

Will there be organised events within the Village? Will they be included in the Service Charge?

There will be a regular calendar of events, some will be included, some will be charged.

Will there be exercise classes within the Village?

Yes – Aura plans to arrange two fitness classes per week.

What type of equipment will be included in the on site Gymnasium?

Exercise bike, treadmill and exercise mats.

Is room service available for the apartments?

Subject to availability, meals, papers etc can be delivered to apartments for a nominal charge.

What will the onsite concierge do?

Our concierge team can assist with anything you need from restaurant or theatre bookings to general help and information.

How will the 24-hour CCTV security cameras be operated & manned?

The 24-hour CCTV will be continually manned and monitored for ultimate peace of mind.

How will postal services be managed?

There will be a communal mailbox for outgoing mail, plus each apartment will have its own individual mailbox.

Design & Specification

Can structural changes be made to apartments?

Amendments can only be made to internal walls and at a potential cost. An application to our management team is required to ensure building regulations are adhered to.

Will the patio areas to Ground Floor apartments be fenced to provide privacy?

The grounds are maintained by the management company and, as such, there will be no fencing between patios.

Are there any building specifications which support partially-sighted residents?

Signage will be sympathetic to both partially-sighted people and people with cognitive impairment.

Is Stratton Court Village a gated community?

Yes. Residents will be given 2 remote control devices for village access.

Are there smoke detector and heat detectors in all apartments and throughout the communal areas?

Yes. There are Individual alarms in each apartment and smoke detectors in all communal areas.

How many parking spaces are available?

There are 50 in total allocated as follows:

  • 31 undercover 2 of which are visitor and 3 are blue badge parking
  • 2 dedicated staff spaces
  • 8 along entrance road
  • 9 within parking bays around the site

Please note: Each apartment has 1 parking space available on request at a nominal annual charge.

Will audio loops for TV’s and radios be available for the hard-of-hearing?

If required and requested, these can be provided as an optional extra.

Are there loft spaces?

Due to the design of the roof, loft spaces are not available.

Will any of the ground floor residents have a back garden?

Apartment 3 in Bibury Lodge has a back garden; the other apartments offer private patios. Of course all residents can enjoy the beautiful communal gardens.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the patios and balconies?

Aura Care Living is responsible for maintaining the patios. Balconies, however, are the responsibility of the residents. All we ask is that patios and balconies are maintained in keeping with the ambience of the overall village.

How large are the balconies on the first floor?

1.7m2 (1829mm).

What is the plan for the communal gardens?

Our village will have wonderful raised gardens, communal gardening areas, and summer house.

Do we have any Energy Performance Certificates for the assisted living apartments?

Yes and these will be provided on completion.

Regarding the communal areas, the buildings have been insulated to the latest building regulations requirements and our network heating systems will help with the overall cost efficiency.

Does every apartment have a glazed door to the main living area?


What is the front door of each apartment going to look like?

As show suite–44mm Paint-grade plywood door FD30s with plant on moulding.

Is Stratton Court Apartments Ltd happy to assist with Part-Exchange for purchasers?

Yes – subject to eligibility.

Are the apartments available as a ‘buy to let’ investment?


Are the apartments available as a vacant investment?

No – we are committed to building a thriving community.

How long is the period between the reservation deposit being paid and exchange?

We would look at moving to exchange within 6 weeks.

If I change my mind after the reservation deposit is paid, how much can be refunded?

The Reservation Deposit is refundable, less any costs incurred through legal fees.

What does the lease say about forfeiture?

Clause 11 of the Lease enables us to re-enter the property (i.e. to terminate the Lease), if you miss any payments or breach any of your obligations. We cannot terminate Leases summarily (a Court Order is required) and we will always act reasonably before initiating the termination process (for example by seeking through dialogue to resolve any payment problems or breaches of covenant).

What is the Council Tax banding of the Bourton Lodge & Bibury Lodge apartments?

Cotswold District Council assessment confirms, 1-bed Apartments will be tax band C and 2-bed apartments will be D.

Service Charges

What does the Service Charge include?

•   Access to all amenities including Private Rooms and cinema and preferential members menus

•   Access to all village activities, social events and trips

•   1 hour per month social care service (non-regulated) for companionship, shopping and domestic services etc.

•   24/7 emergency call monitoring and response

•   Monitored CCTV systems around the grounds and buildings

•   External window cleaning every 6 weeks

•   Minibus service runs 3 times a week, please book at reception.

•   Concierge service 10am-5pm 7 days per week

•   Night porter/security

•   Removal of rubbish from apartments if required twice a week

•   Servicing of lifts

•   Grounds maintenance

•   Building Insurance

•   Free health assessment on arrival

•   Water & sewerage bills

•   Communal heating and lighting

•   Management Fees

•   Village Manager and Estate Management Team


 Will the Service Charge be fixed or will it be reviewed?

Our service charge is fixed and will only be reviewed according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Will water and sewerage be included in the Service Charge?


How is the Service Charge collected?

By monthly direct debit.

What is the Pet Policy at Stratton Court Village?

We are happy to accept family pets, if they are well-trained and managed by owners. Dogs need to be kept on a lead on pathways at all times within the grounds of Stratton Court Village. All pet owners need to put a request in writing to Head Office in order to receive formal permission of acceptance of a pet.

 Exotic pets may be accepted, but permission needs to be sought in writing from Head Office.

What hours will reception be covered?

10am – 5pm, 7 days a week.

How often will the Village maintenance checks be conducted?

Maintenance Manager will conduct a weekly environmental risk audit, but there will be daily security checks.

Who will maintain the grounds?

Aura will regularly maintain gardens and grounds throughout the year.

How often will the external windows of the communal building be cleaned?

Every 6 weeks.

Is there a smoking policy?

There is a no smoking policy in public & communal areas.

Stratton Court and its local amenities

How far is Cirencester town centre?

Stratton Court is 1.5 miles from Cirencester town centre.

Who are the local Dentists?

1.   Cirencester Dental Practice, 12 Castle Street, Cirencester, GL7 1QA

2.   Chipping Manor Dental Practice, 56 Ashcroft Road, Cirencester, GL7 1QX

3.   Genix Healthcare Dental Clinic, Dugdale Road, Cirencester, GL7 2DA

Is there a good dog walk close to Stratton Court Village?

Yes – along Gloucester Road walking close to the Daglingworth Stream and on to the River Churn, going through a parkland en route.

Which GP Practices are close to Stratton Court Village?

1.   The Park Surgery, Old Tetbury Road, Cirencester, GL7 1US

2.   The Phoenix Surgery, 9 Chesterton Lane, Cirencester, GL7 1XG

3.   St. Peter’s Road Surgery, 1 St. Peter’s Road, Cirencester, GL7 1RF

4.   The Avenue Surgery, 1 The Avenue, Cirencester, GL7 1EH

Who are the local Opticians?

1.   R J Holmes Opticians, 6 Castle Street, Cirencester, GL7 1QA

2.   Haine & Smith Opticians, 6c Cricklade Street, Cirencester, GL7 1JH

3.   Leightons Opticians Cirencester, Merchants House, 39-41 Dyer Street, Cirencester, GL7 2PP

Which are the nearest local Supermarkets?

1.   Waitrose, Sheep Street, Cirencester, GL7

2.   Tesco, Cricklade Road, Cirencester, GL7 1NP

3.   Marks & Spencer, 42 Dyer Street, GL7 2PF

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